Professtional Hair Services

Digital Setting Perm - Caucasian Hair

Digital perming on Caucasian hair means creating curls on very thin and fine hair.

X-Tenso Moisturist uses new technology for increased conditioning and smoothing. Not only does it contain softening waxes, but it also works with the new intelligent NUTRI-CATOIONIC TECHNOLOGY. X-Tenso Moisturist boosts the hair¡¯s condition and allows active treatment ingredients to be delivered to where they are most needed on the hair.

Hair Condition Check: Customer has thin and fine Caucasian hair.

Apply perming cream: Loreal X-Tenso Normal Hair Type has been chosen.

Rinse perming cream.

Digital Setting Perming: Digital setting perm uses bigger size rods and works with higher temperature to create bigger and stronger curls on hair.

NeutralisationCurls on towel dried hair.

Finish and Styling.
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