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Escape from boring straight hair to cute lovely wave hair.

Cold Perm: cold wave perms use small and medium plastic curlers, leaving you with kinky to medium curls which are more defined when wet. To get the best results, you should use hair products like setting lotion, mousse, and Finesse curly hair products to make the curls stand out.

Benefits and Summary

  - Cold wave perm is usually cheaper than digital perm.
  - Curls tend to be smaller and are best defined when wet.
  - Processing time is shorter than digital perm.
  - Hair styling is easier than digital perm.
  - Damaging hair is less than digital perm.

We recommend who has very thin fine hair such as Caucasian hair. Please loot at the images how can be changed.

Hair conditions: Customer has very fine Caucasian straight hair.

Perming Processing: The image showing the neutralisation processing.
Loreal X-Tenso Permanent Hair Straightening

Hair Curls is showing after wash.
Loreal X-Tenso Permanent Hair Straightening

Finish and Styling.
Adelaide Cold Perm

We suggest customer wait 2days(48hours) before washing a hair for long lasting curls.

Best permanent wave curl in Adelaide