Professtional Hair Services

DOMO Hair Treatment - Step by Step and Result

Let's find today What DOMO(Mineral Clinic System) can do for frizzy and damaged hair. We guarantee the differences.

DOMO MCS 1 - Recover Keratin, Protein, CMC inside Cuticle
DOMO MCS 2 - Set Ion balance of hair by Mineral Bonding Mechanism
DOMO MCS 3 - Coat outside of Cuticle by combining Amino 

Shampooing - Using clarifying shampoo to remove unwanted things on the hair.

After Towel Dry, We can see the damaged part middle to bottom section of hair.
But at the end of treatment you can find what this treatment could make the differences dramatically.

Apply MCS 1

Apply MCS 2

Hair Mist


Apply MCS 3

Hair Mist again

Hair rinse and Dry - We can see the differences between first shampoo and shampoo after applying MCS 3

Unmanageable hair is now changed to shiny, soft and manageable. 

After blow dry she get the beautiful hair again... and Photography..