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Colour with Olaplex creates manageable hair style

Do you feel like your hair is dry due to hair colouring? Well we finally have a solution that is basically like an insurance policy for your hair. It is called Olaplex and it is a game changer for the industry.

Colour with Olaplex creates manageable hair style
Why Use Olaplex
- It builds and repairs broken bonds to restore the integrity of hair.
- Reduces porosity of hair to make colour last longer and prevent fading.
- It increases elasticity and can restore hair to its natural texture and state.
- Add a layer of protection and extra TLC during lightening or chemical processing.

Previous layered short hair cut and bleached and damaged hair at the bottom part.
Consultation: Client has thick and too much layered hair cut so wanted to change manageable hair with colour changes. We suggested simple bob hair cut and the colour can be matched with previous bleached part by single colour applying.
Olaplex Korean Hair Salon Adelaide

Hair Cut - Reducing the layer from the previous hair cut.

Mix Olaplex - Simply add Olaplex into the colour mixture.

Applying Mixture

Finishing - Please find before and after images. We can tell Why Olaplex? and Why Rowlands Hair Studio?
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